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Schools – An Integral & Important part of the Society. Schools play an important role in the social development. Children the future of any nation spends most of their quality time in Schools. Schools nurture the students to grow & develop their unique individuality. Schools provide the environment in which the roots of the children grow & they become a strong individual to contribute to the growth of society. With this huge responsibility on schools, managing the tedious administrative task manually is not possible. So here is where School ERP becomes helpful to manage these tasks efficiently.

A school can do all tasks manually but will not be able to manage it efficiently in the long run. Managing & carrying out each task manually is a tough task. All the finance, Exams, Results & complete academic management can’t be done in books & ledgers. It will someday always lead to errors & mistakes. And apart from this the main goal of school making the children better & providing them with best quality education is denied. Teachers all get stuck in this manual way of doing administrative tasks & are not able to deliver the best thing they can give.

Tedious Task in Managing Lot of Data:

Keeping record of thousands of students is a tough task to do. And of course the records will keep increasing daily. Managing all the tasks on paper is not only tough & it’s not safe as well.

So here is where software becomes helpful. With help of Neverskip School ERP software schools can manage efficiently the administrative tasks.

Communication Gap:

Without proper management of school’s data there will be always communication gap. Communication between the Management & Parents is hindered. And without proper communication between them, the parents are unaware of their child’s activities in school & unable to lead them.

PTMs are now considered outdated & more like an exercise & less as an activity to know about student progress. So with Neverskip Mobile app keep your parents updated & come out of the monotonous task of PTMs & notice paper.

Paper based Processes:

One can always manage the school data, in papers but managing all such heaps of paper will be nothing less than a difficult task to do. Storing such manual files, their transportation & maintenance all will be arduous.

So here Neverskip School ERP software helps you to manage all the files easily & gives you access to any file whenever needed.

No Online Registration for Admission & Enrollment:

Still your admission process means long queue of parents standing in your school reception.

With Neverskip School ERP software integrate your School Website with the Admission form & parents can directly fill the form, & at your convenience easily finish the admission & enrollment process.

Improper Staff Evaluation:

Appraisal and feedback have a strong positive influence on teachers and their work. Teachers report that it increases their job satisfaction and, to some degree, their job security, and it significantly increases their development as teachers.

So increase your Employee job satisfaction with Neverskip School ERP software Appraisal module.

Revenue management issues:

Collecting & managing the revenue generated is arduous task & prone to errors. Organizing & administering this revenue manually is not feasible for schools.

Neverskip ERP software effectively manages your revenue generated & helps you make your management stress free.

Overcome various problems of Daily School Management with Neverskip School ERP software. Let’s change the way our school works, let’s digitalize it with Neverskip School ERP software.

To add value to the overall management and smooth functioning of school activities here is a simple, yet powerful tool to connect various departments within the school like admission cell, office, finance, etc. The school management app aims to simplify and manage the following important tasks:

Admission Management:

 A module which eases out the registration process for new admissions and enables the administration to keep a track of all the digital details

 The student management system ensures that old/new student registrations are handled separately.

 Minimizes the chances of error and duplication of effort, thereby reducing the burden on teachers and administrative staff.

Student Information System:

 Student ERP system helps you in streamlining the complete admission process and store the digitized student information for future retrieval.

 This module helps to keep a comprehensive record of each student including their photographs, documents, background info and other personal details. It also keeps a track of each student’s class, section, special needs, etc.

Course Management:

 The module helps the admin to plan the course structure for the entire academic year.

 It even helps in planning for the class tests and examinations beforehand.

Fee Management:

 The school fee management software solves the herculean task of fee management with timely reminders. The School ERP solution makes it completely error-free and easy to manage.

 It sends timely reminders, keeps track of pending fees or advance payments.

 Automated bill and receipt generation further enhances its utility. It includes transport and other fee management as well as due fee & fine calculation. Automated fee reports are generated and sent to the parents.

Exam/Result Management:

 The module helps in managing group-wise and term-wise examinations along with e-mailing mark-sheets.

 It also helps in preparing and printing the report cards for each student. The system is capable of course planning and exam management in an automated way.

 The ERP for schools also helps the management to analyse the performance of students and generate automated report cards.

Attendance Management:

 An advanced feature to automate the daily task of attendance management. This feature helps schools, teachers and parents to track the date/month wise attendance.

Notice Board:

 A Smart Communication App for parents, teachers and students, ensuring smooth communication and exchange of information between all parties.

 Teachers can update messages on the notice board in the app to share updates on homework, tests and other important activities


 The user-friendly and automated dashboards come with a lot of features which enables the admins to optimize multiple functions within a single platform. It displays all the modules included in the ERP solution on a single screen and helps in better management and control.


The best school administration software, a centralised system which maintains and updates all your school operations without any dilemmas. A one-stop solution for schools to simplify all their complex problems. The smart School ERP solution ensures smooth running of educational facilities by ensuring improved efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

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