School payroll management – Automated salary structure and pay grade

When you have a good ERP (enterprise resource planning) system it can help you to manage your payroll work a lot better than what would have happened otherwise. With the help of such software, you would be able to manage the salaries being paid to your employee a lot easier. On an average, there are around 20 students for each teacher in every school out there. On an average, each school enrols around 1000 to 1500 students each year. This means that on an average each school has around 75 teachers. Along with that, there are other employees such as people working in the administrative department, peons, clerks, people working in the maintenance department, and receptionists to name a few.

As far as payroll is concerned there is a lot of work that a school has to take care of. This includes managing the following:

  1. Attendance of employees
  2. Data related to employees         
  3. Deductions
  4. Leaves
  5. Different bills
  6. Bank statements

The hard part of this is that this huge amount of data has to be maintained each month. Normally, schools try and maintain such data on Excel sheets. Little do they realize that it is next to impossible to do such work on Excel without making any major mistake!

It also needs to be said in this context that such work does take up a whole lot of time and resources as well. However, with a good school ERP system such as Neverskip ERP they can do this work in a smooth manner and in very little time as well. Thus they can save a whole lot of time and resources that they can devote to other important work. With a proper school leave and payroll management system you can make sure that you are a lot more organized than what you were before.

You can retrieve your data quite easily. Since these systems utilize the latest technology such as Cloud to store such data there is no question of the information getting lost. These systems also provide easy access to all the stored data, which means that you can get back the data as and when you want to.

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Categorization of information

These systems let you categorize information in different ways. Apart from the kind of data that has been mentioned already these systems can also help you include information in your payroll systems like benefits provided to employees and mode of payment. By using these systems you can perform various important activities like defining the departments of your employees along with their designations, frame the structures for salaries and leaves to name a few. You can also create specific categories for deduction as such.  

It could be that there are some employees that you pay through check and some whom you pay through cash. The biggest benefit of these systems is that they can be fully integrated into the kind of system that you are working. You can do it in a very simple way without any problem whatsoever.

Payroll Administration Software

  1. Managing employee personnel and payroll information.
  2. Compliance with federal, state and local employment laws
  3. Manage Employee Information, Employee Attendance, Employee Payroll with TDS, PF, ESI reports
  4. Integrated with biometric machine
  5. Manages performance records, appraisal, attendance, manpower recruitment, PF and IT deductions
  6. Dedicated login credentials issued to each employee for accessing the “Self Service” portal and viewing relevant information


  1. A common place for managing all Payroll activities of the school
  2. Anywhere access to records for Faculty and School Administration
  3. Teachers automatically alerted (via SMS & Email) about performance, benefits, and appraisals
  4. Comprehensive Payroll Management through a powerful self-service section
  5. It eliminates manual data entry and cost-saving product
  6. Payroll module takes less time to generate salary

Once the fundamentals are in place, payroll can get reasonably confusing. With overtime pay, various fringe profits and other variables, calculating payroll and filing the proper forms on time gets challenging. School payroll management system that aims to reconstitute and automate the method of paying the employees of a company, making the task of processing payroll less time-consuming and convenient. The standards set for goals is to generate files, deliver on time, performance and efficiency issues of the system. Our fully automated payroll software reduces the workload of administrators and ensures concealment while producing error-free information at maximum speed by working smartly and saves valued man-hours.      

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