Google Meet, Zoom, Teams or customised – which should you opt for ?

While digital conference platforms like these two now play a crucial role in hybrid and remote schedules, they have not always been utilized to this extent. When our normal schedules were first disrupted by the pandemic last spring, Zoom was optional for both teachers and students. Although it was relatively helpful in retaining a sense of educational normalcy in the midst of the COVID crisis, it was not used in the collective or consistent manner that’s currently set in place.

Video conferencing software and apps are an essential means of communication for all sorts of people and businesses. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, taking an online class, or working from home, you need a way to connect over video conferencing with others. Products like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet (formerly Hangouts Meet) are among the most popular video conferencing solutions. We pitted all them of together to give you the best possible comparison.

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